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A Distance Medical
Qigong Treatment

A session will run for approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes worth, and please plan your time accordingly. 

If you are pregnant or have an active cancer diagnosis, I cannot conduct a Distance Medical Qigong treatment with you. So please let me know.

What can happen is I can teach you a one-on-one Qigong for Health practice if you still want a personalized experience. 

Also, I might be able to refer you to someone with this training if you are still interested.

If you are in remission, I am OK with proceeding with the treatment.

A Distance What??

You're probably like, "Excuse me. You can do what?!?!"

Mind-boggling as it sounds, one can perform a Distance/Remote treatment on another person from their respective locations (including those living in different states and countries).

Remote treatments occur on an energetic level. All one needs is the proper training to perform it, and that’s where I come in. 

All you need to do is be willing and open.

I appreciate your willingness to share this with me.


For the Best Experience to Occur...

You are to find a spot to lie down comfortably during the distance treatment. 

No driving, working out, or looking at your phone during the treatment, please.

Also, this spot should be where you won't be disturbed for the allotted session time. Lay as close to completely flat as possible; of course, adjust to what your body needs & to your comfort level (use blanket/pillows if needed).

We will communicate through our phones. If we get disconnected, I will call you back at the end of the session.

During a Session

During a session, clients may feel a range of sensations (inside & outside of the body) as the Qi moves, such as, but not limited to:

Warmth, tingles, vibrations, itching, coolness, wave-like movements, and sometimes twitching. Also, one might experience other sensations such as flashing lights, sounds, smells, and lightheadedness (it's a good idea that you are lying down right?)

Sometimes you won’t feel anything at all, and that’s ok too. Sometimes one needs to be exposed to energetic work to open and wake themselves up to the Qi that is already there.
The Qi is still working and moving within you, just be present & patient with it.

Clients have found the treatments to be relaxing and refreshing, and at times, clients may become aware of bottled-up and uncomfortable emotions.

You may want to rest/meditate/practice deep breathing after the session and drink lots of water due to Qi's energetic movement.  The idea is to be present with yourself, with no other distractions. Clarity can come when the mind is calm.


Once the treatment has been completed, the client will be given/taught a Qigong prescription(s) to support your continuing health. These Medical Qigong exercises and meditations are individualized for each client. They are comparable to an acupuncturist's orders regarding herbs or a medical doctor's regarding pharmaceutical prescription(s). 

They only work if you use them.

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